August 2021

Mothers bacon/pasta salad

August 19, 2021

Today I'm going out on a boat ride, so I thought I would make a cold salad to bring for me and my friends! This is my mothers special recipe for a pasta salad!


7dl gnocchi shells

420g diced bacon





5dl cream (I used light cream)

3 tbsp mayo

1 tsp mustard

salad seasoning (preferably italian)


Do this:

Cook the bacon however you like it. Let the grease run off on a paper and let the bacon cool. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Rinse in cold water after they are done. Let the water run off.

Cut the salad, cucumber and tomatoes in pieces you prefer.

Mix the dressing ingredients and season to taste.

Make sure the ingredients cool and there as little water as possible left with the pasta and vegetables. Mix everything together in a big bowl. Done!

I hope it will taste gooood. :D

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